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Turn based Multiplayer doesnt exist?

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can i play Turn based game with someone, but without having to close the game and send data via email? i mean is there a mod in which i can play Multiplayer battle same as i play against AI via 1 player Turn Based mode?

we issue orders and then 1 minute of action, then same

if so what is it called?

i only see

1.1 player real time

2. 1 player turn based

3. 2 players hotseat

4. 2 players email

5 2 players real time

theres no option for :

2 players Turn based

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In Red Thunder there is TCP/IP WEGO (turn based), but it doesn't allow rewinding of the turn like you can in PBEM or solo play. This will be coming to CMBN in the 3.0 upgrade in a few months time.

ahh i see.very sad to hear that. on other side glad it ll be added soon

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