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As a balance to the long download/complaint thread, I'd just like to say thanks for what looks like another great release. Already downloaded and checked out a few scenarios (haven't had time to play yet but just started up a few scenarios to take a peek).

And thanks to Battlefront for returning and staying with the Mac platform. Not trying to start any platform wars at all. I use a MacBook Pro for reasons completely unrelated to gaming, so I'm happy that CM works great on the Mac again, and thanks to Phil for his troubleshooting in the past.

BF always provided great value in my opinion so keep up the good work.

Dave (entirely satisfied customer).

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I dont post much but I really have to jump in and also say thanks. I remember the good old cmbb,cmak and wow BF has really come a long way with great releases of the Cm series, I am a very happy customer that will continue to support Bf . Also the community is a smart fun group of players. I am looking forward to getting into the pbem scene soon !! :) Keep up the great work

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