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Is all, aquirable, ammo listed for trucks?

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There are two counts. The left bit written white on black is the crew's allocation; what they've got in their LBE and personal weapon(s). This isn't usually more than a hundred or so rifle bullets. The unit info pane in the middle which probably has more different types of ammo shows the total theoretically available to the unit. This can be thousands of rounds of rifle, SMG and carbine ammo. The count includes the driver's though, so if there are 2000 rifle rounds in back and the driver has 72 rounds on him, it will show "2k+" but only the 2000 will be acquireable when a unit boards and attempts to loot the chest, I mean rearm. I think you can see this if you hit "Acquire" with the truck selected, since the driver is theoretically able to grab some of that phat lewt as well, so it will show the available (i.e. without any addtional count from the driver or any nearby willing-to-share units) ammo. Just be careful not to acquire any with him... :)

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