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Breakthrough vs Original SCWW1

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Am in the middle of two Breakthrough games, my first. Cannot find any noticeable differences from original SC WW1. Mind you I was away from the game for a year.

Can anyone provide a list of differences? The only thing I am finding, and it may be my playing is rusty, is the game is bloodier than before. Lots of unit losses...did the formula change and defending units get weakened?

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The key differences will be the German Deployment Phase, and Germany can delay conflict with the British by respecting Belgian neutrality.

There are also the new supply rules, whereby units defending resources that have been cut off from their home territory will now find it much harder to hold out, and damaged HQs will provide reduced logistical support.

Below is a full list of all the changes since. If you skim read it you'll see that there have been a lot of improvements to it, and some more relating to diplomacy (especially Romania) are worth taking note of.

There isn't any specific change that I can think of that would make things bloodier though.

I hope this helps, and I hope you're having fun! :)


- Romania now swings 1-3% per turn towards the Entente from January 1916 if Belgrade is in Entente hands.

- Removed Antwerp from the Belgian capital list and made it a Secondary Supply Center.

- Capturing Mulhausen will now boost French National Morale by 500 points (Altaris).

- French Cavalry unit script text added (Xwormwood).

- Mainz moved to the Northeast and the Rhine and Eifel adjusted (Hyazinth von Strachwitz).

- Mannheim is now a National Morale objective rather than Mainz (Hyazinth von Strachwitz).

- Frankfurt am Main added as a National Morale objective (Hyazinth von Strachwitz).

- Alexandria is now a National Morale Objective, and its loss will penalize the UK by 2,500 points.

- The loss of Cairo will now penalize the UK by 2,500 points (it was 3,000).

- The loss of Port Said, Ismailia or Suez will now penalize the UK by 250 points apiece.

- The loss of Egypt will now penalize the UK by 50 National Morale points per turn, representing both the blow to Imperial Prestige and the effect of the rerouting of trade via South Africa.

- The Ottomans will receive a boost of 2,500 National Morale points if Egypt surrenders, and the Germans will receive 1,000 points.

- If through diplomacy Norway or Sweden swing to a position which is friendly to the Entente, then Germany will suffer a National Morale penalty of 750 points per country, representing the effect of the political isolation of Germany on morale.

- At some point between March and December 1915, Romania will increase her armed forces by adding a new half-strength Corps, as well as a half strength Heavy Artillery unit. Both will arrive with full research.

- If Romania joins the Entente then Russia gains 2,500 National Morale points.

- If Romania joins the Entente then Austria-Hungary will lose 50 National Morale points per turn to represent the loss of vital food imports, for as long as Romania is in the war. It is therefore now more beneficial for the Central Powers to keep Romania neutral, and for the Entente to entice them into entering the war.

- The accession of Kaiser Karl will reduce Austro-Hungarian National Morale by 500 points, representing the increasing aspirations of the nationalities within the empire that his accession triggered.

- The Dutch will now receive an artillery unit at some point between the middle of 1915 and before 1916.

- A Central Powers declaration of war on Holland will now swing the USA more towards the Entente (12-18% rather than 8-15%).

- Build limits amended for all new nations that can be formed when Russia and Austria-Hungary collapse.

- Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary and Czechslovakia will now automatically join the Entente when formed, so that Entente units can move through them to attack Germany.

- Loops expanded to remove German and Austro-Hungarian units from northern Turkey in case they are moved there when Russia leaves the war.

- Half strength French Detachment added at Amiens.

- The Ottoman Cruiser Hamidieh will now vary its deployment location

- The AI's National Morale boosts will now apply right from the start, rather than only after the UK has entered the war (Kommandant).

- AI scripts relating to diplomacy aimed at Bulgaria corrected (LettowVorbeck)

- Only 1 chit can now be invested in researching Infantry Warfare.

- Von Bohm-Ermolli's name corrected (Hyazinth von Strachwitz).

- Bulgaria will now withdraw from the war when Germany's National Morale is below 10% and there are two Entente units within 3 tiles of Sofia.

- Road added at Dyarbakir in Turkey (LettowVorbeck).

- Loops added to remove to Austria-Hungary any Austro-Hungarian units that are moved to northern Turkey when Russia leaves the war.

- Loop added to move Russian units from the eastern side of the Caspian Sea to the Caucasus when Russia leaves the war, and the loop for moving their units from there when the Ottomans leave the war amended.

- Heavy Artillery's base demoralization value reduced from 15% to 5%.

- Prepared Attack Bonus reduced from 40% to 30%.

- Amphibious Transport Fixed Cost reduced from 100 to 80 MPPs.

- The cost of the British Decision to occupy Lemnos has been reduced from 150 to 100MPPs.

- Austro-Hungarian Pop Up added to advice what will encourage Romania and Bulgaria to enter the war (Dan Fenton).

- British Decision Event added for them to fund the US Preparedness Movement once Russia has pulled out of the war, and the USA remains neutral.

- Treaty of Bucharest Decision Event added so that the Central Powers can make peace with Romania after Russia pulls out of the war.

- Dates of the Zimmermman Telegram related events amended.

- Pop up added for US socialist opposition to the war.

- Road added at Alexandria.

- Entrenchment of Belfort and Verdun's garrisons increased.

- Dubail HQ in Epinal given Ground Cover level 1 (LettowVorbeck).

- Reduced the price of Detachments from 80 to 75 MPPs (Xwormwood).

- Ottoman winter weather event added in the Caucasus (Dan Fenton).

- Sub and Anti-sub tech limits set to 3 (Kommandant, Hyazinth von Strachwitz).

- strength 5 Heavy Artillery added to Germany's Production Queue, arriving in March 1915.

- Sidonio Pais pop up images added.

- Deployment location of the Lanrezac HQ (AI only) amended from Compiegne to Paris.

- Marshes added near Ypres in Flanders (Xwormwood).

- Starting experience of the Austro-Hungarian cavalry reduced.

- Deployment location of one Ottoman Corps changed from Mus to Erzerum (Lettow-Vorbeck).

- Danzig changed from a town to a city (Xwormwood).

- Russia is now offered the option to move units from the Caucasus to Brest-Litovsk rather than to Minsk (Xwormwood).

- Russian income reduced slightly.

- Start Position 305,68 removed from loops.

- Mainz changed from a city to a town, and Frankfurt-am-Main changed to a city (Hyazinth von Strachwitz).

- Manchester, Belfast and Dublin added as primary supply centers.

- The Following Secondary Supply sources have been added:

- Canada: Frobisher. Spain: Palma; Ibiza; Port Mahon; Santa Cruz; Las Palmas; Puerto de Cabras; Lanzarote. Portugal: Ponta Delgada and Madeira. Sweden: Visby.

- Breslau, Dresden, Stettin, Danzig and Berlin added as National Morale objectives.

- When Austria-Hungary leaves the war, its navy in the Adriatic will now be scuttled (Kommandant).

- Loop added to move Russian units from the eastern side of the Caspian Sea to the Caucasus when the Ottoman Empire leaves the war.

- Naval units using the Denmark loop will now cause Denmark to swing 3-6% towards the other side (Xwormwood).

- Ottoman surrender script corrected (Kommandant).

- The effect on Romania of the Russians capturing Lemberg and Przemysl increased to 10-15% for each fortress.

- Every turn that the Russians have forces in the Plain of Hungary or in Transyvlania, there is a 50% chance of a Romanian small swing towards the Entente.

- Transylvania marked on the map.

- Pop up advice added to explain to Russia how to encourage Romanian ambitions (Dan Fenton).

- Unnecessary pop up removed from the Italian Decision to form an Albanian Legion.

- National Morale blockade scripts amended so that they will not work unless the UK is in the war.

- French resource script fixed (Hyazinth von Strachwitz).

- German fortifications on the Vistula increased.

- Iron Duke and Dreadnought Battleships moved to Scapa Flow (Honch).

- Russia now starts with Detachments at Lodz and Kutno.

- Russian Industrial Modifier increased from 45 to 50%.

- Two Entente land units adjacent to Gallipoli will now reduce the defender's morale every turn (Kommandant).

- The National Morale penalty to Germany if Konigsberg falls has been increased from 1,000 to 2,500 points (Kommandant).

- Greek unit scripts amended so that when invaded more units will mobilize (Hyazinth von Strachwitz).

- Arab Legion is now formed in Egypt when the Entente take Aqaba, provided the British are sponsoring the Arab revolt.

- Kars changed into a city and its primary supply source status removed.

- The National Morale effect on Russia of losing Warsaw reduced from 2,000 to 1,000.

- The text of the Trento-Trieste Decision event has been amended to advise of the effect on Romania of handing over the territory to Italy (Xwormwood).

- Added von Bulow HQ to the German deployment phase (Kommandant).

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