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Inside The Army’s Spectacular Hidden Treasure Room


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Someone needs to reassure those highly alarmed doors. Perhaps a mild sedative's in order?

I'd seen some stuff before an an Army unit which supplies real deal weapons, has BARs still in cosmoline, helmets, uniforms and gear, of any period, forvarious Army-related activities, but this is something astronomically beyond that. Love the rolling bookcases, and to see the gut-gripping Tom Lea painting! Saw manual versions of the powered collapsable cases once and was blown away by the ingenuity of the idea. When I build my house...Actually, I always loved the British home libraries with the rolling ladders.

My curiosity's officially picqued, but I think the curators need to grow a pair. History is history, and they need to deal with it, however unpalatable. I find genoicide exhibits horrifying, but they happened, too.

Now, if we could get tours of the equivalent facilities which don't exist, at places which aren't...A man can dream, right?

"Step this way folks. Did you know that back when your grandparents were using adding machines, we had one of these? (Points to a PC) "Powered armor? Like in Starship Troopers, the book? We had that around 1960, but I'm still not allowed to show it. And you should see what we were flying! But that's in the underground hangar, which is our next stop. Isn't it grand what trillions can buy?" (Notices someone wandering off, with hand on an ajar door) "Wait! You can't go in there!"


John Kettler

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