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Extra time in Quick Battles

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Reading the RT AAR inspired me to take up CM again after a long pause.

So I patched up my copy of Fortress Italy and Gustav Line and started a quick battle. An Italian defence against a US infantry attack on a small map.

The AI gave me 8 HMG's and two SPG's with which I defended against a horde of infantry men. Game time 30 minutes.

While the assaulting GI's suffered horrible losses, they started to overwhelm my defences in waves of men, but I barely kept my objectives. At zero hour I was still holding on with a few men.

Then the time went into the red, and each turn I hoped it would be the last, but after 5 minutes overtime one objective fell. Then I played on, and on, and on, until after 30 minutes in the red I called a cease fire. (Still a stalemate, because the defenders in the second objective had beaten the attack).

As I couldn't find it in the manual, I ask here: is there no limit on the overtime in a quick battle?

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