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Touch - Barbarossa ?

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Hi All,

Just got the game and joined the forum.

Seems fun so far and I am looking forward to completing some missions.

To be honest though, I miss the Eastern Front scenarios from when I had my gaming PC.

(Especially the Stalingrad battles)

Anyone know if there have been any whispers of future products / content in that theater?

- Sev

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I would certainly enjoy seeing something like this as I've been spending a lot more of my time on a tablet than I am on a PC these days. It would be nice to have a scaled down version of Combat Mission games on a tablet.

I've picked up the tablet game "Panzer Campaigns" and I like everything with the exception of how only specific units can shoot with range.

I personally wouldn't mind something akin to the old "Panzer Blitz" board game on a tablet.

I don't personally need 3d or exceptional graphics. I would however love the WeGo system applied to a 2D tablet game.

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I hear you about graphics Paul. - I spent a lot of time with Steel Panthers and old SPI hex based board games back in the day.

THere is quite a different satisfaction though of riding along with your Panther or Tiger tanks as they open up on approaching T-34s.

CMT Brings that back a bit but the battle of the titans really took place in the East. Will look forward to offering you a match if that version should ever appear. ....

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