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Objectives list visible during a game?

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Is there any way to find out what my objectives are during the game itself? I get told what they are at the start of each campaign in those annoying screens that disappear after a few minutes, but I can never remember. Surely there must be a way of pulling up this screen again during the game, but I'm damned if I can find it! It's an absolute must have for a game this complex so I am surprised there are no obvious buttons for it on the right hand side menu.

And can we have a button to get rid of those briefing screens, instead of them just disappearing? I often am only half way through reading them when they vanish. Its really frustrating, I find I have to restart the same campaign several times just to read the briefing properly.

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Hi nats

Glad you found it, and point taken.

To help you out, the briefing screens can also be seen while not playing by going to the Players Guide for the relevant campaign in the Manuals folder, as they are included at the end of those.

Or alternatively by going to the BitMaps folder for each campaign, the image files are contained in there so they can be read and re-read at your leisure.

For example, on my computer the pop up images for 1914 Call to Arms for WWI Breakthrough are here:

C:\Program Files\Battlefront\Strategic Command WWI Breakthrough\Campaigns\_1914 Call To Arms\Media

The exact location might be slightly different on yours, and it might be best to switch the view method in Windows Explorer to Thumbnails, as that will make spotting these ones easier.

I hope this helps?


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