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A map editor for platoon level maps?

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Hi everyone. I use the game Winspmbt to help me create the designs for maps in CMBN. The map editor is pretty easy to use and serves as a good aid for visualizing how I want the CMBN maps to end up. I so wish Winsp had the overlay function that CMBN has. (I even emailed the creator of the game to ask them about that possibility but received no response.)

But I'd really love to create a larger scale tactical map that I'd use to create larger scenarios. By this I mean, in terms of scale, an editor that has say 3-6 buildings/hex as opposed to the squad-level Winspmbt games that have only one building/hex. If you've seen the game Canadian Crucible it has pretty much the precise scale I'm looking for. (And you get bonus points if you know of a game as gorgeous as that one that has a map editor. The map is a thing to behold.) I should add that I'm familiar with Hexdraw and Campaign Cartographer and, while you can create awesome maps with them, they're just too unwieldy for the time I have available. Winsp is really very simple to use.

Thanks as always for any help!

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