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Operation Sealion scenario?

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Probably been considered in the past but I thought it'd be worth just bringing up out of general interest in nothing else.

Fact is, Sealion isn't really practical in any scenario I've played it, at least not a traditional 1940/41 invasion. The Russians get mobilized so quickly from it and the invasion itself is so hard to pull off, especially on smaller scale (ie larger) maps like AoD or GC where a few ships can block every potential landing zone. I only managed to pull it off once, in an SoE game, simply because the scale was large enough and I had so much air power that my opponent couldn't protect every base. I still lost though, damn quickly too, because of Russia.

I don't actually disagree with the way SL is handled in SC, because if it was easier to pull off/didnt antagonize the Russians then everyone would do it.

Hoooooowever, it could be a really cool scenario to knock up as another 'What If'. It would probably have to start off with an invasion fleet ready to go and in a scenario where a chunk of the Royal Navy was already destroyed. It could be really cool if the map was super big scale, just the UK and the tip of France, and the Brit player would have to defend around mountains and stuff while the Germans have to try and wipe out all resistance before a certain point. Naturally as it's a hypothetical scenario it leaves a fair amount to the imagination.

Just occured to me as I was reading All Hell Let Loose by Hastings over the Xmas break , feel free to shout it down as a terrible idea :P

Happy 2014 too!

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I don't actually disagree with the way SL is handled in SC, because if it was easier to pull off/didnt antagonize the Russians then everyone would do it.

Probably true but I do not think Stalin would have intervened unless Germany stumbled badly and there were spoils to be had. At this point in time, I think he had a "wait and see" strategy.

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I totally disagree that Sealion is impossible to be successful.

In AOD, its actually quite easy and a viable strategy.

Really? What's your broad strategy for approaching Sealion? I've simply found that by the time you crush France (usually August or September if the Allied player is decent), in the time it takes to get the RN out of the way and refit your troops, you're looking at the very tail end of 1940, and really ought to be setting up for Barbarossa. Far as I can tell, if you're going to invade Britain, it has to be in 1940- any later and the Russians too much time to prepare, meanwhile you get bogged down in fighting in Britain.

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You have to take out France by June 1940, with is quite possible, with good weather in winter 39/40 (no frozen ground) even in March or April.

You dont need to neutralize Royal Navy, you just have to block the access to the Channel from the West and build a defensive line of subs and cruisers in Southern North Sea.

It must start in August, September at the latest.

Bring italian HQ and italian air force to Northern France.

Dont start with Germany buying tech chits, buy back the sub and rocket chit at start and buy a tac bomber.

Buy another tac bomber and two med bombers, to be ready by August 40 in Northern France/Low Countries.

Dont attack Norway, attack Denmark instead of making it protectorate. Both will save you MPP.

Dont build sub facilities at Brest, dont go for the Graf Zeppelin carrier.

If you want, buy 2 german paras before December 39 when the two free pop up. This will give you 4 Paras, but so much are not really necessary.

Take London and the port of it by Para assault and massive air attack.

Hold the small piece of Sea between Chatham port and Low Countries by blocking it with Kriegsmarine ands sub. Bring a tank or two, 2 HQ, somer corps across by amhib, later transport.

Once a bridgehead is established, bad weather or stiff resistance wont matter. Take your time conquering the rest of England during Fall 40 and Winter 40/41.

Russian readiness should not be higher than 50 now, you will still have time until July or August 41 till Soviets join Allies.

Dont attack Egypt or go for Spain or attack Yugoslavia to not further heighten Sov readiness.

You will have the whole period from October 40 to July 41 to prepare for Barbarossa or if things in England get tougher than expected, to at least build a defense in the East to keep the Russians at bay till the end of 41.

If Sealion is a success, your position in Europe will be very hard to tackle.

You can use all your surviving subs on the US-Russia convoy, weakening Russia considerably.

If you have done things right with Japan against the Chinese, the game will practically be won even before Soviets or USA join.

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Actually, the 2 paras for a total of for is sort of an exploit. IMHO Germany shouldnt have 2 Paras as allowable builds when 2 pop up for free anyway.

The massing of troops around London (cheap divisions and garrisons) is the obvious counter move.

But if Britain does that it has to spend MPP on the units and cant use them elsewhere.

Furthermore, if the Axis player see that, he can still call of Sealion, and will have lost nothing.

He can then prepare for a classical Barbarossa, but will already have a very strong Luftwaffe.

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