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Not sure why the, find 'all' waltero's posts does not show, all my posts?

I can understand it if I had over 21,000 like some of you.

I only have 371 posts and I go into search and it shows what is available for me to look up, 371 posts?

I do not find any previous posts of mine in the general forum?

No real matter, but I do not understand why they deceive a guy by saying 'all posts'.

So I search through the 15 pages, for nothing...four times!!!

Was looking for a beer game (link) that was posted in the General Discussion forum some years ago.

A guy was sitting on a bench at a buss stop with a big busted women sitting next to him.

The object was to stare at her boobs long enough for the beer glass to fill up.

If she caught you staring you lose. You turn your head away before she turns her head in your direction to catch you staring...fill the glass of beer before the buss comes.

Can't find the thread or post to the link.

I think John Kettler posted it in General around 2004.

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