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Tawget bwiefwy is my fwiend, heh heh heh heh!

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Yeah, I know, Fudd-isms. Lame! :D

I don't play much at all usually, but since MG I've been 'at it', so to speak.

Two things got my attention the most: The sound of the mg42 since 2.0. Learned to dread it every time I play Allies. Quickly loved the sound when I played Axis, of course. ;)

The other thing is the target briefly command. I simply LOVE this addition! Useful in just about any situation and apart from that it's great to be able to use a targeting order and then be able to simply forget about it.

Before I often forgot to cancel orders and had squads wasting away ammo (for turns sometimes) at nothing. I use it almost exclusively over the standard target command now. Also as a good ammo preservation mechanism.

It's seems most useful for close assault work, though, and the best thing I found so far was what I call the 'rolling infantry barrage.'

It seems to work well for suppressing and then attacking known enemy positions in heavily wooded terrain, which is always a drag and something I had never successfully done before anyway.

But to my surprise I pulled it off recently. I did this by area targeting briefly (with split squads) at known enemy positions just out of visual range. then, after 15 seconds, I 'quick upped' half my teams one action spot, repeated the target briefly command as far away as I could get it, moved up the remaining teams five or ten seconds later, had them do the same thing. Rinse and repeat. Very soon (you'd better, you'll very quickly run out of grenades and other heavy ammo this way!) this 'rolling barrage' came into contact with already suppressed enemy units to engage them directly. Once they started running (which was fairly quickly, I think they were green), it was all over for them. It was short and very brutal, let me tell you.

So, okay, I had veteran airborne, and they were probably green, and against better troops this might have gone very much the other way, but it sure was fun to kick those Germans' ass for once. I needed that! :D

You guys got any other neat tactics for this new(ish) command?

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It seems to work well for suppressing and then attacking known enemy positions in heavily wooded terrain, which is always a drag and something I had never successfully done before anyway.

So it's a while since I have checked so please take this with caution, but part of this might be due to target briefly being a good way to ensure that infantry chuck grenades. I don't think there is another way to force infantry to throw grenades but they seem(ed) to go grenade-happy for me when using the target briefly command.

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Exactly why the suppression bit works so well. But only up to a minute and three to four action spots, depending on the load-out. you wouldn't want to try this with depleted squads, I'd wager.

I justbet there's someone out there who's going to test his. ;)

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If BF is listening...

wait until they implement "peek and shoot" for hand held AT weapons as mentioned by someone a while back. That will definitely give infantry their due against tanks in urban and other restrictive terrain. It will certainly give more incentive to operate in a combined arms manner.

Combine peek and shoot with dedicated infantry AT mines and other implements of anti armored mayhem and ability to deliberately go for mobility kills against tanks and we'll have a real war on our hands.

Then we'll be asking for ladies of the night tossing molotov cocktails on unsuspecting Panzergrenadiers from balconies :P - for those of you in the dark check out a grade B movie which is actually very entertaining staring Burt Lancaster and the future Columbo-Perter Falk in the movie Castle Keep.

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