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Some pro tips please :-)


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After having played CM-games for almost a decade and enjoyed all the great mods and scenarios that the community has produced - I have decided to give something back. I'm having a go at making a scenario.

I will have a look at the guide included in MG, but would like some tips from the experienced scenario makers about how to approch this task in the best and most productive way. "Do:s" and "Don't:s".

I'm having a go at a small/tiny fictional scenario, with not too complicated AI-plans to get started. It will be for CMBN:MG.

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Start small and simple. Use the master maps to save time. Fictional is easier, research for historical encounters costs more time. Go easy on the arty and tanks. Just a few pointers from a fellow amateur. No pro, sorry. Though I got some nice reviews on Betuwe on fire, my latest love child, he he he.

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