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Civ 4 BTS

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Anybody still playing this? I hadn't played in three or four years, but lately had gotten a mild itch to play it again. So last night I got it out and took it for a spin. One thing though was really frustrating. When I played it before there was an editor in which you could design your own world and even edit it square by square, putting in terrain, resources, native villages, whatever. Now, for the life of me, I can't find it. What's the deal, is there a magic password I've forgotten or is it something else? Does anybody here know?


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Is this the version that Big Time Software developed in conjunction with Sid Meier?

The little known truth is that a decade and a half ago Sid became obsessed with those initials and could not rest until he had finally produced a game that sported them too.


BTW, does anyone have an opinion re Civilization IV Colonization?


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Me and my friends play it LAn here and at my mates. Normally three players here and up to five at my mates. His nephew has learned the game recently and become obsessed with it!

Due to a pernickety member we play short games of 201 to 301 turns which are still great fun. There is an amazing learning curve and most of us play solitaire practising our strategy for the two game lengths.

Settings noble level , random sea level, random climate, huge random map,and always with the AI making up the numbers to 12. Obviously some races have starting advantages either by troops or leaders, and then again a favourable starting area .... normally defined as not jungle, not the Artic!

Oh and to make things less predictable the AI players have random personalities. : )

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