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Metacritic reviews? Who cares? THANKS for a GREAT game!!!


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OK, maybe it'd be nice if the CM games got the metacritic reviews they deserve but I want to thank the creators - and the modders too! - for creating a GREAT GAME! I work in a very busy ER and it's what I consider to be a fairly high stress job - and at times heartbreaking. (Given that what might be a minor error in another workplace can kill somebody in an ER.) When I get downtime I want to think about nothing. These games are perfect for that. So if the creators and modders ever wonder what the heck "it's all worth" day in, day out (as we all do sometimes)...well, it's worth a lot to me!

As for the metacritic reviews I might have an interesting parallel. I love to read and a neighbor once gave me a copy of "A Game of Thrones". I'd never been into the sci-fi/fantasy thing and thought I'd never get into it. And the only reviews were from "Jimmy's fantasy book club" or some such. After 5 or 6 false starts I finally got into and, whoa!!, I'm a HUGE fan of this series now. And if you look at the reviews on the new editions of the books they've now gone from "Jimmy" to the major book reviewers. Apparently for once I got in near the ground floor of a mania.

The point is that it took years for the brilliance of these books to sink in. And it was all essentially accomplished by word of mouth. I believe the same holds true for the CM games although I doubt we'll be seeing the HBO miniseries for CMBN anytime soon.

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