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Located here:


This is my quick grass and mini texture mod. It is meant to compliment other desaturated texture packs, especially Aris' although you could use it stand alone if you wanted. I didn't create the original textures I just tweaked them so all credit goes to the original art director/illustrators.

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Glad you like it! :)

Yeah I used Aris' as my base and then added/mixed/replaced from Juju (some bridge), Tanks a Lot (buildings), Pat Tal (buildings), Rambler (Trees and Bocage) Flesh (some doodads) and Vein (some doodads and some skybox). Then I did my own tweaks on top of all that. This mod includes the ground section of what I've tweaked.

Although Aris' grass looks really good (his mods are amazing overall) I thought it was a bit too dark for my taste so I lightened it up and added some more "texture" to it. Then I noticed some of the mini textures were missing or looked odd when the LOD change kicked in so I made some more to fit and smooth things out a bit.

There might be some more to tweak or add with the mini textures, if I find any along the way I'll update the mod.

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I like it, but you used my grass textures (both green and yellow), modified the contrast and brightness and named them "Astrocat", didn't you? Minis are nice but , a nimble modification if you ask me, slight modifications at best,...I have no problem if you use my textures, but I know you know, since you made this, ;) ...that modifying them to add lightness takes 2-5 mins,...whereas finding the proper texture, creating seamless textures, eliminating seamblends takes hours,...), please, next time don't call them Astrocat if they are "Aris lightened grass textures". They are not a compliment, they are a modified, personal version of someone's hard work. Cheers.

P.S: I do LOve your sound compilations, best in the scene if you ask me :)

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Yeah I was nervous about uploading them since I didn't make them originally as you noted. I 100% understand the time it takes to make them from scratch. I can change the name if you'd like or even remove the mod if you really wanted?

I didn't mean any creative infringement, as a creative professionally I know this is a very dangerous area to wander in! I tried to make that clear in the readme/description, sorry if I wasn't explicit enough. If I do any other "tweaks" that include your textures that I want to share I'll 100% make sure to talk to you first.

What I actually did was take your ground grass.bmp and layer it with Vein's ground grass.bmp and then tweaked the coloring and transparency. I then had to lighten/color your ground grass yellow.bmp to match. The minis are new or redone but of course they have to match your main textures.

---- oh and glad you liked it. :):)

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