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multiplayer suggestions cmbn / italy

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hi all im curious to know how many people are having difficulty finding multiplayer game rts or pbem games or players to contact, i for one haven't managed at all despite advise from other battlefront members and members of various sites who have tried to guide me through it. maybe an instructional video on you tube could help. im sure its a simple process for most but for others like me whose computer skills are limited and self taught, its a little frustrating when you cant find out how for instance pbem works. since the introduction of the first combat missions game nearly 10 years ago i have been trying without success.yes its really been that long.please subscribe to the thread if you are like me . keep the fight alive.. Gdsm nelly

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hi buddy, i am a member of the blitz site name phantomajor and have been for some time now. but i still cant find out how to play pbem or h2h. i click the buttons, but not very much seems to happen. at 48 years old i do feel that all this is a little out of my reach . not even the email icon in the games menu works. im almost on the verge of giving up and taking up dancing instead. lol well maybe not.. cheers

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Never played H2H, but PBEM is pretty easy. You find an opponent from somewhere (RL friend, from a forum, whatever) and decide what scenario/QB to play. One of you starts the game. Saves from the game go in the outgoing emails directory, You then have to manually email the save to your opponent, who puts it in their incoming emails directory. Then they run the game and select it from the 'saved games' menu option. At the end of their turn, the new save game is stored in their outgoing emails directory, and so it continues.

There is one exchange of turns before you get as far as doing your setup / QB purchasing where each player sets up their password.

Basically it is all done manually by swapping saves by email. There is no in-game opponent finder or email sending facility.

Someone else will have to elucidate how to set up a H2H match.

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When you add h2hh along with dropbox, it becomes so simple you can't imagine ever going back to anything else. Sometimes it is a bit tricky to get it going but once you have it right, one click will tell you if is your turn or not, which file is in play, how long it has been sitting there and there is even a chat dialog box you can use to send comments along with your turns. No copying or pasting or having to remember what the file name and number was and where it went.

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its not that hard nelly

im sure we can walk you through setting up a battle for PBEM

for the record,terminology being used.

H2H=head to head(human v human)

H2HH = a program developed by some of the players to assist in the file management ,used in conjunction with;

Dropbox= a web based file sharing application to replace the email system.

H2HH + Dropbox = automatic file placement and file sending,once set up all you have to do is launch game and load the file and play.

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