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Hq Bonus Questions

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This was posted on WeBoB forums and I thought it posed interesting questions. Anyone here have definitive answers?


"I have some questions related to HQ bonuses (Command, Morale, Combat and Stealth). I checked the tactics discussion but could only find a few nuggets, mainly a nice chart showing how a strong Command rating shortens unit reactions and has a wider command radius. Also one valuable comment that German tank optics only work when a tank has a veteran rating.

Morale and Stealth seem pretty explanatory. What does Combat do in helping an HQ and its associated units?

Finally, I did a buy of a British infantry battalion to see if leadership bonuses increased with higher experience. There seems to be a pattern to this, i.e., the higher the experience rating the more leadership bonuses you get. This would seem to be logical, but it's not always a perfect fit between experience and leadership bonuses, as the chart below indicates. Since I only examined one battalion under each experience rating, I'm not sure what the variance might be from this chart.

HQ Experience* Command Morale Combat Stealth Total

Conscript 7 14 22 13 56

Green 18 14 19 13 64

Regular 13 18 14 12 57

Veteran 12 23 16 15 66

Crack 18 18 26 21 83

*Includes bonus ratings, e.g. Command +2 added in.

Anyway, I see threads theorizing that the more experienced the unit the more concentrated and accurate the firepower of a squad, etc. I was wondering if command control, i.e. combat? also affects firepower, or only the unit's experience rating. Thoughts?



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