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Taking Malta

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Yes, it's hard. You got to focus fire: you got to attack it with 4 things every turn, for several turns, else you can't dig it out...

What I do in the mediteranian is this...

- repair the Italian Bomber to the max

- after you take Netherlands, operate a German HQ and the three German bombers to the South of Italy

- bomb Malta till it's down

- have one Italian corps ready in Amphibious ready within reach

- take Malta

Once you did that, France should have fallen already (it takes 6-7 turns to bomb Malta to 0).

Then you transport the German HQ to Africa and move 2 German armies, a German tank and 2 German corpses to Africa, to take Alexander & Cairo.

Use that German force to go to Syria and once you are at war with Russia, use them to take Turkey and attack Russia from the south.

You could use them to take Iran too, but I never do that: it takes 3-4 turns and it's not really worth it, I think.

I also take Spain & Gibraltar after France. When you got Egypt & Gibraltar, the entire mediteranian is 100% save, so you can use all those troops to attack Russia!

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Italian BB's and CA's are also very useful to bomb down Malta's supply. Four Ships can reduce it to zero in one turn and the following air strikes are much more effective.

But this is only a possibility when France is fallen and the french Navy is out of war. And be aware of the british navy. They have a CV in the Med.

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