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eLicensing problem

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Hi guys

I have a bit of a problem with one of my modules, which I hope somone can help with.

I had to re-image my works laptop after an encryption issue, and uninstalled and unlicensed everything without a problem.

After re-imaging I downloaded and installed the SCGC Gold and AoD modules. However, I am able to install the license for SCGC and Aod, but not SCGC Gold.

I bought the SCGC Gold as a bundle, and so there is only one license code, which I thought I could use for both modules. When I try and license the Gold module I get the error -12 message, even though the other two modules installed over the internet connection, but I thought "no problem, I'll use the offline mode". But, when I do this, it tells me that I have no spare licenses left (even if I un-license the SCGC module, which uses the same code!).

I also have the modules installed on my home desktop PC and thought maybe that was the problem, but when I try and unlicense those I get an error -31 (first stage of licensing could not complete), which I guess means they're already uninstalled (which I would have done before installing on the latop originally), so I'm sure I should have licenses left.

If you can make any sense of what I've just written and can offer advice I'd really appreciate it.

H :confused:

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Please submit a ticket to the Helpdesk with your license key and Martin will reset it. Hopefully that will allow you to perform a manual activation (online often is not possible - 'error -12').

Usually if you get an 'error -12' when attempting to activate a license key, unlicensing also becomes impossible. So a reset should hopefully clear that up.

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