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CMSF on my laptop?

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Well CMBN/CW runs decent on my laptop.

My stats are:

Intel Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50Ghz


NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M

Win8 64bit

Just be prepared that load times are longer (muuuch longer) and you get "lag" when moving up or down in camera height (and sometimes when big explosions happen) so i suggest only playing turnbased and not real time.

EDIT: and i play on Best/Best settings with AA on and Vsync off @1920x1080(desktop)

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One thing to potentially watch out for is if you have the 'Nvidia Optimus' technology in the laptop. This is a combination of the Intel integrated video and the Nvidia GPU. The game MAY try to run on the Intel integrated video and crash. With Nvidia you may have to make a 'profile' within the Nvidia Control Panel's 3D Management area for the CMSF game executable, which should get the game to run on the Nvidia GPU.

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