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Combat Mission: Touch a real let down?

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hey guys apparently i have been a fan of the PC game Combat Mission

and was looking forward to buy CM:T from the appstore but! is the mobile version a unpolished,unfinished,letdown of a app? some users said there was glitches and bugs,a online mode that does not work,and a lack of hot-seat play something that was missed from the original pc version and some patches don't fix those problems

:confused:are they ever going apply a off-line multiplayer in case i don't want to play online?

well it seems that there was only one form entry on this subject and other topics http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=103803

and it seems like offline mode is never mention until now so it seems like for now a big NO however it does raise that question is it and Battlefront going the same way with zynga,farmville,and other mobile online only app games?

:mad::WHAT!?,they would not do that!. i know Battlefront could do better then That!?

ofcourse battlefront have been working on other games the pc ones and the recent mobile app assault wave that has improve alot on hotseat play and fair gameplay. but, CM:T last update was in 9th of august,2012 which fix some minor bugs and add smoother that ofcourse wasn't enough.

:(:these graphics can us a little polish

well heck man!,they can't polish big graphics on a mobile game otherwise,it would crash constantly and make the game a bit too large to fit on a mobile device like a android and ipod/iphone, i can a reason why the ipad can fit that not only its big screen but it has a lot of room for great graphics and thats all that matters.

how can you work the broken camera control

im not sure if that's been addressed on a update but it seems to be constantly said on the review board in the appstore and googleplay

from 2012 to 2013

i hate the in-app purchases they are too pricey

:rolleyes:yeah just like, every in-app purchase for ad-removal,or new feature.

the AI is too hard.

if your playing on a hard setting? perhaps you need change the difficultly, either that or the game needs to be fixed to be more balanced.

:):maybe the game should have zombies,bases,starcraft and stuff.

WHAT THE HECK!? DOES THOSE THINGS HAVE TO DO WITH COMBAT MISSION!? the purpose of the game is to simulate company,platoon,and squad battles in 3D,if your new to this game,play the PC version of said game then you understand the mechanics of how it works because those nonsense things you said are not going to happen.

but,WWII is boring and overdone!

then this game is not for you if want a modern version then play combat mission shock force which BTW is PC only.

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Its a $5 game to play on your iphone, dude. And a new scenario pack for 99 cents. You can't not get your money's worth for six bucks. These days you leave your house, come back six dollars poorer and can't even recall having spent the money.

i know the quotes are just some responses are things i can think of what people would complain or ask about the game also the zombies and starcraft quote is off a real customer reviews in the appstore who for shame does not what the combat mission series is about so i want to get that bit off my back.

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