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A solution for unrealistic DOWs?

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I have been converting the AOD 1939 scenario so I can use it for one starting in 1942. In order to do this I have had to go through all the events to remove any that relate to happenings before my start date of May 1942. This caused me to read a large number of them and gave me a thought about the complaints in an earlier thread about unrealistic DOWs such as the UK attacking Ireland just to get a readiness boost. If this is done after US war entry there is no real sanction other than Switzerland being offended.

It made me think about whether the impact of Swiss dissatisfaction could be made more punitive. So I came up with an idea that if the UK DOWs and conquers Ireland the Swiss ought to be authorised to release some secret Irish Republican bank accounts, equivalent to 100 MPP, to help help fund the Axis war effort.

I must say that having looked at the territory events for the partition of the USSR between Germany and Japan, I can only offer respect to whoever had the job of typing in all those tile references!

Finally to anybody who is also thinking of creating a 1942 or other post 1940 scenario I can tell you that establishing the various different types of countries arising from all the French overseas possessions is quite a task and one that I have not yet completed.



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