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SC WW2 Global Conflict - 2 licence's only

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I bought Global Conflict online just last week and installed it on my work computer to play during lunch time, I also installed it on my home laptop but it wouldn't load the game, just a black screen and 99% CPU usage, first game ever to have a problem on this laptop. So anyway, I installed it on my home PC which is a decent spec but only to find out that there is a limit of 2 licence's of this game allowed. :confused:

What can I do here? Do I need to uninstall my laptop game to get my licence back or what? Or is that it...



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Hi Barry

Yes, unlicensing the game on your laptop should allow you to install and license the game on your PC.

Here's a link to the section on the Knowledgebase:


And here are the instructions on unlicensing:



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