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Artillery units

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I do not wish to hijack the AAR so I will move my comments on artillery to a new thread.

Apart from the historical objection to artillery being allowed to fire without risk of counter-battery there is the issue of game mechanics. In SC units which enjoy continued success without losses become very powerful via experience gain. This is doubly true with artillery because they do not even lose a turn by reinforcing rather than attacking because their bullets are preserved for another occasion e.g. defence. Incidently I do not recall having seen an artillery unit take losses when supplying indirect defensive fire - how is that actually handled by the game engine?

I do like to include artillery units in my scenarios because they are effective in dislodging dug in units in cities and fortifications. however, I do not give them 100% evasion but something much less than that.

The same concept is true with AA units which I also utilise.



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