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Kinda new to all this!

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Welcome aboard the group. You probably won't really need the manual. The game is very intuitive and nearly all commands are mouse driven. If you are windows comfortable you can easily follow you nose, start a battle, and be commanding troops quickly. Give it a try. I don't think I ever cracked open the manual myself.


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Originally posted by Jaffaman:

Thanks for the welcome. I am enjoying the game (won some ,lost more!).Can you tell me how I call in air support as I haven't worked that one out but I think I pretty much have the rest sorted(crosse fingers).

You can't control air support. If you have it in a scenario or purchase it in a QB, it comes when it comes.
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My best advice is to buy the special offer of Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin and Combat Mission Afrika Korps (could have been called "Desert Rats"!), you can order em both online here at a big discount, and they come in about 4-5 days. You will get the big CMBB manual included and it applies to all three games very well, generally its just the theatre of war, troops, AFV's etc that vary. Believe me once you start playing CMBO regularly you will relish the others! And no, I don't get commission from Battlefront.com! I just know when I've found the perfect gaming engine for this sort of thing. Good luck!

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