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Hey, I just read your Manifesto, and I must admit I am moved by your words. I can understand and relate to what you are saying about the 'Industry' it palys the same way in my Ball Park just as it does in most others I'm sure.

CM is a prime example of a great game that would've probably just got lost in all the Sci-Fi 3d shooter crud, but you guys are right in the way you are approaching it!

Kudos Gentleman.

The other thing I wanted to ask is do the game magazines work a little differently than the whole gamming industry??

I ask this because I first found out about y'all in Computer Gamer magazine, It was just a little blurb, but they did have a few screen shots and that is what sold me.

Also I wanted to make sure that the ordering area is a secure link? I'm sure it is, but it still doesn't hurt to ask.


Thankful For All Your Hard Work



Sgt. Rock Says " War is Hell, but games are fun "

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Guest Big Time Software

Thanks! Yes, our industry is not too different from things like the music and food industry, as well as a number of other ones. The difference in the computer software biz is that it is so freakin deadly. If you can't hang on for a couple of weeks on the shelf you are dead. And if something goes wrong, even if it isn't your fault, you can find yourself out of business. For example, SSI just cut loose the developer of Fighting Steel. They have precious little time to find another sugar daddy or their team will disolve and find work elsehwere. Apparently this happened to the developers of Luftwaffe Commander.

Games magazines are a part of the problem to some extent, but are more of a tool of the publishers. We can't afford to advertise in these mags, not because the mags are greedy, but because they are pricing their space based on the Industry's totally out of control spending. I don't fault the mags for pricing the way they do, but it does serve to drown out the little guy. However, magazines still are about content (thank God) and so that is where we have our chance to pop in. You have seen us in print because we have something interesting to say and show. We are lucky in that way.

Yes, the link is secured for ordering. Nope, never hurts to double check wink.gif


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