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Upgrade 2.0 and mods


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I hope you can help with this issue.

Before installing the upgrade 2.0 (CMBN+CW) I have removed the Z folder.After that, I put it back, but:

A) mods regarding helmets and uniforms does not work anymore (it was fine with ver.1.11).Ex:



-z101st AB(folder): -us-soldier-uniform 2.bmp

-us-soldier-uniform 3.bmp

-z325th glider-khaki(folder):-us-soldier-uniform 4.bmp

-us-soldier-uniform 5.bmp


-2nd Ranger Batt&medic helmets(folder):

-us-helmet-m1 2.bmp

-us-helmet-m1 3.bmp

-us-helmet-m1 4.bmp

This mod never worked with ver.1.11 and 2.0.



-german-m42-helmet 8.bmp

-german-m42-helmet 9.bmp


-german-luftwaffe-cammo-helmet 10.bmp

-SS(folder): -german-wafenss-cammo-helmet 5.bmp

-german-wafenss-cammo-helmet 6.bmp

-german-wafenss-cammo-helmet 7.bmp

while this mod work fine in both versions:




I can not find a way to let them work.

Many thanks to all the guy that did these amazing mods of course.

Any help?.


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The file name convention for uniforms has been replaced by a better, more rational one for 2.0, so mods with the old file names only work with 1.10 and 1.11.

Modders should update their mods by replacing old texture file names with the correct new ones.

For example the new name for the US helmet textures used by foot and glider infantry in 2.0 are:


smod_american_helmet-soldier 2.bmp

While the paratrooper helmet is named:


The helmet for Heer infantry is:


smod_german_helmet-soldier 2.bmp


smod_german_helmet-soldier 7.bmp

while Waffen-SS ones are:



smod_german_ss_helmet-soldier 7.bmp


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