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Rookie Question for the Apple Environment

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Hi, Mac Users--

I'm still relatively new to the Apple environment, and am not particularly technical (at all). I want to upgrade CMBN to 2.0 (after first upgrading to the 1.11 patch, which I believe I have to do), but I do have a few games that are still going on under CMBN 1.10. I know that I can play these games in CMBN 2.0 if both parties upgrade, and if I save my PBEM turn during the "Command" phase (I think).

Rather than try and do all of this coordination, though, I believe I can also copy my CMBN 1.10 folder and rename it to something clever such as "CMBN 1.10", and then patch my base CMBN game to 1.11 and then upgrade it to 2.0. I also understand that H2HH will be able to support this as well, and will show the multiple instances of CMBN (which is very cool!).

Assuming that this makes some sense, is it as simple in the Mac environment as using the "copy" function (right click to bring the "Copy" function up when my CMBN folder is highlighted), paste it to my desktop, rename it to "CMBN 1.10" and then move it back to the "applications" section of my hard drive? Then, I patch my original CMBN game to 1.11 and then upgrade it to 2.0?

Sometimes when I try to move files back and forth (for example, when I'm trying out new mod's in my "Z" folder), I end up with something which I believe Apple calls an "Alias" file, which never seems to be the file itself but some sort of place holder. When this happens, I'm never able to find the original file, even when I use the "Finder" function. So, I'm a bit reluctant to just jump right in without some adult supervision.

Anyway, if some one could verify that this is the right procedure to follow (or alternatively, provide me with the remedial steps to have both CMBN 1.10 and CMBN 2.0 residing on my Mac), I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

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I suggest you use the Duplicate function on the game folder which you can do in situ within the applications folder.

Not sure how you've ended up with alias files without specifying their creation but to find out where the original file is kept right click it and the option should appear to Show Original file. Another way to create copies of file/files/folder on the same volume is to hold down Alt when dragging a file or folder to a different folder

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Alias files will be created if you try to move files you don't "own". It's a pain. You can copy and paste them, though. Actually, copying and pasting will recreate the files using permissions that work for your account - so it's a good quick permissions fix. Anyway.

I would suggest:

1) Go in to /Applications/CM Battle for Normandy.

2) Highlight the CM Battle for Normandy app.

3) Hit Cmd-C, Cmd-V. This will create a copy of your unpatched game. It should be called "CM Battle for Normandy copy". Rename it to whatever you want.

4) Run the patches.

The renamed copy will be 1.10. The original will be patched.

Yes, you do need 1.11.

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