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OSX - Shock Force, what happened?


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Man! I just saw this and got excited - only to look at the article date and realized that that was eight months ago! I already have this for Windows, but I would love to be able to play it in my native/preferred OS environment! I hope they still do it!

I love playing CMBN on the Mac! I just wish I could head-to-head with Windows users.

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Well, it has been a long time since I have tried it, but I bought both the Mac version for me and the Windows version for my son. We tried to get hooked up over the wireless LAN at home, but never had any luck; they would not communicate. I may try again and see if it works now, but we were never able to get it to work.

I bought the Mac hardcase edition and Windows download delivery when they first came out - I may have even pre-ordered it; I don't remember. It would have been around that time when we tried getting these to communicate.

Did the game have trouble with this when first released? Was there a patch released that would have fixed it?

Thanks for the reply.

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