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I'm very new to this game, but i recently purchased CMSF+MB and i'm very much impressed and hooked on the game. i was wondering why there isnt any COOP game modes? my brother bought it shortly after i did and we thought it would be a lot of fun to have each of us control a platoon or to have 3-4 people playing on the same side. are there any future considerations for this style of game play?

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Co-op play modes have been suggested in the past, but it is a complex undertaking for our small development team. As CPT Mike has pointed out, this may not happen for a VERY LONG time, if at all. While it seems like an interesting play mode, the number of people who would consistently play it may not be very large (our buyers tend to be older customers where PBEM is the most convenient method of play) and that detracts from the interest to commit so much development time to such an effort.

Most co-op play games utilize a server environment to host all of the connections and that is quite different from the way that CM games have worked to this point. With the amount of data that would have to be transmitted to each different player this may be the only way to accomplish such a play mode. That would be a very extensive investment of programming time to develop such a server. If such a server were developed for individual users to run, then there may be a limit on the number of co-op players (like a total of 4) unless there was a significantly fast server with a lot of available bandwidth to the internet. Otherwise this server would most likely have to be hosted by a host provider that had the hardware and bandwidth to host such games; resulting in some sort of fee-based service for playing in co-op mode.

These are just guesses as to what co-op play would entail with the current engine. Based on the network/internet performance of CMx2 games to this point, this would seem to be a likely limitation with 'home based servers'. I believe Battlefront would assume that their programming time would be better served making the solo and one-on-one play more accurate and fleshed out than concentrating on making co-op play a reality.

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Thats unfortunate to hear but understandable. the community i'm a part of has a small group that plays this game. like you implied most of us atleast above the age of 30. i know that we would all enjoy playing coop but if the numbers arent there, its not worth investing the time and money into. this is the style of RTS i have been looking for though. its a very impressive game.

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