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My nephew just got it and is digging into it

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Just got back from Austin, Texas and a short vacation in which I'd hope to teach my nephews some CMBN, but they don't have computers presently. One does have an Android smart phone and after checking out, at my suggestion, the CM: Touch page on the BFC site and looking at the low price, ordered on the spot. His first turn didn't go well, because some glitch, probably his own, undid ALL of his carefully worked out movement orders! He has gotten past that and is carrying on with enthusiasm, at least when he's not playing COD on his XBox.

I'd many years ago taught both him and his brother the rudiments of CMBO, and during this visit, showed them vids of CMBN (blew their minds) and conducted a revisit of CMBO, just for calibration purposes.

Judging from direct feedback from my nephew (sample size of one), BFC's got a hit here, not just in terms of the game but pricing as well.


John Kettler

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