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Split squads - ammo conservation

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Something just occured to me today - another reason to split squads. When you split, you get the covering half with mg's and the assault half.

Im in an operation where I have my recon squads far forward, likely not to be resupplied. I was thinking I wish I had those Russian recon squads due to their high ammo number. This is largely due to the fact they have rifles only I would think.

So the idea on the German side is to split squads - have the ammo devouring mgs go to the "less likely" ememy approach side and have the assault squad fend off attacks over the open with just rifles. I dont need to wipe out the enemy infanty, couldnt anyway, just keep them out of the open.

So Ill try this out. Anyone else do this? I assume the ammo averages out when the halves recombine, but the assault half will not be very depleted, and the mg half should be full - for a decent ammo count in the mid/late battles.

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