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Question re. Quick Battles

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Having recently bought this fantastic game, I wanted to play a small scenario, just to "settle in". I decided the try the "Quick Battle" feature. I started by editing an existing Quick Battle map, reducing its size and changing the set-up zones. I knew I was going to play a Blue Assault, so, in order to (hopefully) help the AI Red team organise a good defence, I pasted in Red set-up zones in good defensive positions--my idea was to include several options for AI teams, so that I wouldn't know for sure where they were set up.

OK, I played as Blue (on "Elite" difficulty) and pushed forward, successfully destroying some AI vehicles that advanced into my troops unsupported. I pushed on through woodland, expecting to meet stiff resistance, but managed to walk my guys up the whole map, right onto the supposedly heavily defended objectives! No sign of the enemy! Well, I got a bit restless--my men occupied the 3 objectives I had set for them, so I opted for a ceasefire: I got a Total Victory, having bagged all the terrain points. I didn't sustain a single loss in men or materiel. The enemy lost 3 vehicles and 12 men but, apparently, had 88 men remaining--but where were they? I "reviewed" the map and could not see the enemy at all.

OK, so my questions re, Quick Battles are:

1. If you paste in several AI set-up zones, how does the AI choose where to deploy? And once deployed, what does it do? I assumed it would just remain in position but in the game described above, that didn't happen.

2. Where did the remaining enemy troops go? Were they actually placed on the map? Or did they decamp?

3. What tips, if any, do veteran players have for setting up a good Quick Battle?

Many thanks in advance for replies.

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The AI deploys based on the scenario's AI plan, not the the setup zones. Significantly altering a QB map could potentially break the existing AI plans and deployment. I would not attempt editing QB scenarios until you have a very good understanding of the editor. Even then there are special rules for how QB scenarios must be setup.

The QB selection screen gives you options for selecting the size of the map and the size of the battle. A tiny or small map with tiny or small battle size selected should give you what you want. You can also manually select a map from the the list of all available QB maps (the file names include "small", "medium", "large", etc. and the physical dimensions of the map are shown on the right when you click on the file name). Just be sure to generally match the battle size to the map size for optimal AI performance.

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