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  1. Mmm, definitely a breed apart those snipers! Seriously though, it's as if the normal stance is suddenly, for a split-second, replaced by an "arms akimbo" stance. It's very quick--blink and you'd miss it. But once you notice it you can't help watching it happen over and over again ...
  2. Just returned to "Shockforce" after a long break. I patched up to 1.32 and noticed something odd: Playing as the Brits, I saw that, after firing, my sniper suddenly raised both arms momentarily in a kind of split-second Crucifixion scene. This happened after every shot he fired. Just thought I'd mention it ...
  3. Hi AKD and many thanks for the quick reply. OK that makes sense and explains a lot. Will do as you say--thanks again!
  4. Having recently bought this fantastic game, I wanted to play a small scenario, just to "settle in". I decided the try the "Quick Battle" feature. I started by editing an existing Quick Battle map, reducing its size and changing the set-up zones. I knew I was going to play a Blue Assault, so, in order to (hopefully) help the AI Red team organise a good defence, I pasted in Red set-up zones in good defensive positions--my idea was to include several options for AI teams, so that I wouldn't know for sure where they were set up. OK, I played as Blue (on "Elite" difficulty) and pushed forward, successfully destroying some AI vehicles that advanced into my troops unsupported. I pushed on through woodland, expecting to meet stiff resistance, but managed to walk my guys up the whole map, right onto the supposedly heavily defended objectives! No sign of the enemy! Well, I got a bit restless--my men occupied the 3 objectives I had set for them, so I opted for a ceasefire: I got a Total Victory, having bagged all the terrain points. I didn't sustain a single loss in men or materiel. The enemy lost 3 vehicles and 12 men but, apparently, had 88 men remaining--but where were they? I "reviewed" the map and could not see the enemy at all. OK, so my questions re, Quick Battles are: 1. If you paste in several AI set-up zones, how does the AI choose where to deploy? And once deployed, what does it do? I assumed it would just remain in position but in the game described above, that didn't happen. 2. Where did the remaining enemy troops go? Were they actually placed on the map? Or did they decamp? 3. What tips, if any, do veteran players have for setting up a good Quick Battle? Many thanks in advance for replies.
  5. I started playing CMSF some time ago and thought it was great. But like a fool I thought there must be something better. Off I went and spent many months and much money, looking for a "better" tactical wargame. OK, I discovered the John Tiller "Squad Battles" series, which I like, but generally speaking I hit a wall of frustration. When I saw that CM "Normandy" was available I waited and waited but eventually caved in and bought. Wow! blown away! If only I'd not wasted so much time and money on other games! Now I'm back playing Combat Mission.
  6. Many thanks for a great offer - that's really appreciated. I think an MS Word doc would be OK for me, although YouTube videos are also good. What I think would be a big help, would be hints on realistic scenario design, so that you present a real tactical problem with hints on how to proceed - that kind of thing. Anyway, whatever you come up with is sure to be appreciated. Thanks again.
  7. Hi LongLeftFlank and many thanks for the reply. OK, that's fair enough guess. Just a thought. Anyway, thanks again and all the best.
  8. I made a quick sniper scenario. The map is 2000m by 400m. At one end I put Syrian infantry (75 men), at the other end a UK sniper platoon plus company C2 (11 men). I elevated the British end by some 3m, and put the snipers in 1-tile trenches in 'brush' terrain. The British C2 unit I put in a house. The British had good LOS across the whole map. I gave the Syrians orders to advance up the map and assault the British-held house. Then watched what happened. From the start of the scenario, the British snipers identified targets but would not open fire until the Syrians were 1000m metres away. Even with good LOS and 'target' commands, the snipers held fire until 1000m. The Syrians continued to advance through fire. At about 800m from the Brititsh position the Syrians spotted the C2 units in the house. At about 500m some Syrian units spotted one of the sniper teams. The Syrians tried to press on but eventually caved in. British losses = 0; Syrian losses = 30 killed and 30 wounded.
  9. Hi There, Been messing about with the CMSF editor. A couple of idle thoughts struck me: 1. You can issue AI units with up to 12 orders in the editor. But is there a way to 'loop' orders? I mean, is there a way to set up an AI patrol that just keeps, well, patrolling? 2. You have the ability to create AI plans for both Blue and Red in the editor. But when you play a scenario you have to choose a side. Would it be possible to have a 'neutral' mode, in order to simply watch how Blue/Red AI plans work out in practice? This latter point is related to an idea I had where you could focus on mission planning in CMSF and then just see how it pans out - rather than micro-managing battles as they unfold. Well apologies if these questions are plain daft, but thought I'd give them a punt.
  10. Hi George - that's a fair point you make there. I guess it highlights a key problem with 'simulation' games: just how much realism are gamers prepared to put up with?! Nevertheless, it seems to me that the 'perfect sniper sim' has yet to be realised.
  11. This is an interesting thread. I've seen several 'sniping' pc games. They were really just first-person shooters rather than realistic operational simulations. Seems to me there could be room for a truly realistic sniping simulation, if the game was based around mission planning and realistic operational criteria. The market for such a game might be quite small but would probably be really dedicated. There was a game called 'Sniper Elite', which, despite input from curators at the Royal Armouries, seemed a bit unrealistic. For example, the player's sniper-avatar is unable to enter buildings and is obliged to crawl around open streets! And the missions in this game could be completed without a sniper rifle! Another game - Ghost Warrior - had your sniper-avatar wading through thick jungles throwing knives at people. Another game - Arma II - featured snipers with ghillie suits and a variety of available rifles, but your sniper-avatar is invariably seen/heard/shot by enemy troops before deploying, or a nano-second after making his first shot. I'm working on a CMSF scenario featuring the command section of a British light infantry unit. The unit has two snipers. But how best to use them? I mean, it would be good if you could order them to fire once at a definite target then immediately relocate or hide. As it is, they engage targets but come under immediate suppression and are unable to move. I suppose they really need to be out of range of normal rifles in order to avoid suppression? The point is, I think CMSF players like me need a bit more guidance on how best to use snipers. Would be good to explore the themes raised in this thread in more detail. Finally, I recently saw part of a TV documentary showing a NATO foot patrol in Afghanistan. The NATO troops were pinned down by a sniper and actually unable to leave the house they were sheltering in. One NATO soldier, taking post near a window, was shot by the sniper and was only saved by his helmet. What came across was how difficult it is to deal with snipers. This TV clip also demonstrated the 'morale' or 'psy' effect of snipers - something that I've never seen modelled in a game.
  12. Hi akd, And many thanks for the detailed info - very useful indeed. I really appreciate your taking time to post this.
  13. Hi boche and thanks again for the reply - really appreciate it. I'd be happy to send the scenario along when it's done, including all the necessary files for further customisation. I wanted to do a scenario with a simple goal but several ways of achieving it. I also wanted a scenario where you have to be cautious - where, if you make a wrong move, there's a real chance you'll get wiped off the map. Anyway, thanks again and all the best.
  14. Hi boche and many thanks for the swift reply. Mmm, interesting! What prompted the question was a scenario I'm working on where the command section of a UK light infantry company is pinned down on the outskirts of a Syrian town and has to exit west to safety. The map is urban 400x400. I wasn't sure whether it was viable/realistic to give Blue artillery/CAS options. Sounds like the options should be there but used at the player's risk. In the scenario, Syrian mech infantry arrive halfway through and I was looking for a viable counter for Blue without adding Javelin teams etc. The idea behind the scenario is to exfil the town with fewer than 20 per cent casualties - and with no points for enemy kills.
  15. Hi There, I wanted to ask: in 'real life' what's the minimum distance a friendly unit can be from an incoming fire mission or CAS request? For example, if a hard-pressed unit spots enemy units 200m away, would it be feasible to request artillery or air support? Or would such an option be too risky due to a possible blue-on-blue? Basically I just want to know what the 'real world' guidelines are for this. Many thanks in advance for replies.
  16. Hi There, And many thanks for the swift response - much appreciated. I took your advice and reinstalled the latest patch - it worked! Now the Editor is happy again and all is good. Thanks again for the help and all the best.
  17. Hi There, I just reinstalled CMSF after taking a break (great game!). The game is playing well but when I select the Scenario Editor I hit a problem: I can select the Editor from the Main Menu but once in the Editor, none of the buttons work. I can't even select Exit, and have to CTRL+ALT+DEL out of CMSF in order to quit the Editor screen. In other words, I get into the Editor but it seems to be 'dead'. Here's my system specs: xp SP3 AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core processor 6000+ 3GHz 3GB RAM AV = Kaspersky Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hey thanks for that LongLeftFlank - now I can get domin' . . . thanks again. And good idea re. alpha-channeling domes. Fingers crossed for that.
  19. Thanks for the tarmac tip - I'll definitely use that. I'd like to see more flavour objects and textures. And a few more building types (how do folks get those domes on top in order to make mosques?!). But the scenario editor is pretty good - I guess you always want more, but it's an impressive tool.
  20. What about a tarmac ground texture for car parks/airfields? Or a road bridge/flyover structure? More flavour objects?
  21. I played a scenario called 'Hammertime' as Red against a powerful US force, including two Abrams - it's a really nice map and worth a look . . .
  22. Hi There, I started playing as Red and had the same experience. The replies given above pretty much cover the issues. What I did to improve my results was keep my Syrians massed together, always acting in a big block, whether armour or infantry. As for infantry, I placed them in good ambush locations and with short target arcs. I hardly ever order them to move or do anything complex. Also, they're at a severe disadvantage in night scenarios, so again, I keep it as simple as possible.
  23. Hey, thanks Moon - I didn't realise that. I'll make the necessary amendments. I appreciate the info - thanks again.
  24. Apologies for the multiple versions of this scenario. It was my first attempt and it's taken longer to tweak than I originally thought. Call it a learning curve on my part. Anyway, I have tightened up the mission somewhat, in order to give Blue a bigger challenge. I have also corrected some typos. One other thing: when I uploaded this file, I forgot to add the version number - so, just to clarify, this new file is version 2.1. Finally, I've included all relevant files in the RAR archive, so folks can create their own scenarios or tweak this one to their heart's desire. Again, apologies for the errors and mix-ups.
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