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activation code invalid?

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ticket #GDQ-149942

I recently bought cmbn's add-on Commonwealth game. Installed, no problem and then when it came to activatiing the code, gotten of the BFC download web site from my accounts page, copied and pasted it into the box, I get a: Not a valid authorisation code.

My last email from e-license support was Apr 20.

Hi Patrick,

Is the game asking for the CMBN 'base' game license key or the Commonwealth license key ? Is this:

your base game license key or Commonwealth license key ?


Check out our Knowledge Base at www.battlefront.com/helpdesk

Ticket Details


Ticket ID: GDQ-149942

Department: License Activation

Priority: Urgent

Status: On Hold

So I've been on hold for 2 days. What gives? Is there a fix? Is the above authorization code valid or not? That is the number that was generated by BFC so I do not know if it is for the original game I bought or the Commonwealth add-on. Would be nice to know what's going on.


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Ok, well I read what's on


and that doesn't work as I mentioned in my 1st post , I enter the license key and get an invalid authorisation code. My internet is on so there must be some connection to bfc to rectify this?

It does state that if I need to do a manual install which I don't I need an authorisation code, which I never got. So back to square one where the game will not open.

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Well, don't worry about manual activation if your PC is online but just so you know, the authorization request code is something you generate yourself.

Anyway, there are two reasons why a key may not work...

1) you are entering it incorrectly (typo)

2) you are trying to activate the wrong game. Example: you bought CMBN and the Commonwealth module. Now you are trying to use the module key to activate the base game. This won't work, you will have to install the module first.


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Thanks. I copy and paste the number generated on the web page. After I got the confirmation detail of my order im my email, I clicked on the link to download the commonwealth game, a authorisation number was in the block that allowed me to download the game. I used this same number (copied and paste) when I started up the game and it asked for the A. code.

I don't think it's a typo failure.

I didn't see any other number from BFC to use as an A. code.

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