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Seeking early reviews and comments

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Hi, guys. I've long read the Battlefront forums but never posted before.

This announcement came just as I'm in the middle of repurposing my blog, Tea Leaves, to focus more strongly on iPad wargames, which I think are a genre that is at something of an inflection point.

I posted a "Oh my god, I can't believe this is real" sort of announcement at http://ipadwargamer.com/node/5, but given that I'm not in Australia, I haven't been able to try the game yet. I'd love it if any people who have already tried it could drop by and share their impressions.

(On the one hand I feel sort of bad flogging my blog here as my first post, but on the other hand I figure it's in the service of getting the word out about Battlefront's new game. I think you guys are going to make a freaking mint. If this post violates the board rules in any way, please feel free to nuke it.)

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Here's my real early feedback/thoughts & what I would like to see happen.

OK 1st off I LOVE IT already. THANKS CC! A blast to play, thought is needed before charging ahead I felt, tactics will work better than charging & forget WIA or KIA's!

Got this game for my ipad2 yesterday. Playing (still) the beach scenario...couple of pillboxes overlooking empty barren beach...sorted my forces into groups of where I thought might be a good area to assault, but as there is very little room apart from a straight up the guts approach with some cover ( think) in the undulating folds in the beach terrain. Ok...while playing I noticed or could hear first shells landing...somewhere...so I 360' around/pluas playback (very cool) & saw a lot of arty shells falling short of my men (!) (amazing looking explosions too well done) Why a barrage?? I dunno I didn't order it...and it was damn close to my men. Miles from jerry. Ok up the beach we went, few KIA's on the way, so exposed not too bad...I noticed when I zoomed out (birds eye view) the infantry looked like they were facing back to the beach & looked very odd from a distance (flamingos comes to mind) so facing wasn't not good for morale! BUT as a great looking game so far, real bad look, facing backwards & takes away from the whole mood, realism & feel set by the scenario/Game?

The beach was very barren as I beaches are/were. Any chance of some shell holes & some smoke rising in distance from Allied arty or bombing...or just drifting thru the battle area from time to time, some of the builds in ruins perhaps something like that add to the atmoshere. The guns in the background firing etc are great for this BTW & sets the period up really well too.

The pillboxes. There must be a million pics on German pillboxes and what they looked like, be great if they looked like the WW2 ones, I would like to just see the twinkle from the slit when the defenders are firing & tracer, which there is, than the guys defending inside when u get closer- maybe u see them if u go inside... I thought the tank, I received as a reinforcement looked great, closer though & it split in the middle-u could see thru it, & it appeared to float off ground. Infantry had no shadows.

The actual AI I can't say except it seemed to really want to hammer me what ever I came up with in tactics & my tank was taken out...to my surprise...damn cunning...which is how it should be. Hard as & full of chaos IMHO.

I took me some time to form a 'cunning plan' to get near the pillboxes to take them out, but even when the tank hit them the defenders fought on...must be fanatical SS!

Camera moving & zooming was ok, could be a lot smoother but everything else worked, well it worked easy as but fine tuning won't hurt it!

German defenders I thought could be in trenches instead of on grass/ground as with other weapons near & around - is this hard to implement I dunno?

*PLEASE NOTE: Now I realize there are must be some limitations to what an iPad 2 can do so this is feedback on MY experience what I thought re look &feel eye candy etc so please remember I love the game. I LOVE it.

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