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sub/plane convoy interdiction question

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I am playing the Gold version of the game. I am unsure how to proceed with convoy hunting. Do I simply place my subs (German) on the tiles where the white convoy ship icons are located? If so how do I avoid being sunk by the RN given that they know where I am? Am I missing something LOL? another related question, if I use planes do I target the convoy ship icons as well or are convoys represented as units that I can target with both planes and subs?

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Hello godfather ^^ ,

- To hunt convoys you have to move a sub or a ship on or adjacent tiles with colored lanes. (red = ally convoy, blue = axis convoy, white = inactive).

- The sub has to be in "hunt" mode (maning without the "S" of "silent" mode on the unit).

The ship has to be in "raider" mode. As a result, your opponent will lose MPPs from this convoy and your units will lose 1 supply per turn.

- You can also put your sub or ship on a merchant tile (white ships) near a port and it will reduce supply and MPP production. The ships don't need to be in "raider" mode to hunt on merchant tiles.

- If you put your units on a tile which is both a convoy (red lane) and merchant one (white ships), effect should be cumulative.

- If you have several subs hunting, MPP losses will increase but never more than convoy max capacity (you can check some numbers in the stats screens).


- Your opponent will know where your subs are but with 1 turn delay (a sub icon with a "?" will appear where the sub was) so keep moving (unless you want to set a trap or lure enemy forces there).

- Your opponent will also know on his turn where you are if:

1) you put/move your sub on a tile adjacent to an enemy port/town/city/ressource/unit.

2) your unit is revealed by aerial recon or intelligence.


- For planes, I'm not sure (not enough practice), Bombers have a raider mode but they do recon when sent on convoy lanes tiles so you're left with merchant tiles of enemy ports.

Hope it was clear :D .

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