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New file at the Repository: OOB Panzer-Lehr-Division 6-6-44 (2012-03-12)

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This is the (almost) historical OOB of the German Panzer-Lehr-Division on 6-6-44,ready to be imported into any mission in the scenario editor.All sub-units that are simulated in CMBN are included.NOT include are: Funklenk-Kompanie 316 - had 5 Tiger II which never saw combat and were destroyed by their crews during the retreat from France - further had 9 StuGs which saw action at Tilly and St.-Lô All non-combat units of the division All divisional- or regimental staff units All AA-gun units except for Heeres-Flak-Abteilung 311 with 18 Flak36 8,8cm All supply and repair-companies of the armored batallions Several staff companiesIssues with included units: The regimental Cannon Companies (9.) for Pz.Gren.Lehr-Rgt. 901 & 902 are equipped with 6 x 120mm offmap heavy mortars. Actually those should be 15cm sIG auf Selbstfahrlafette 38 (t) (Grille) which is not selectable as sub-unit in CMBN. The regimental Pioneer Companies (10.) for Pz.Gren.Lehr-Rgt. 901 & 902 are probably incorrect since both 1st and 2nd platoon are motorized, while they probably should be mechanized like the rest of the division. The 3 batteries of III./Pz.Art.Rgt. 130 (7., 8. & 9.) should actually be Russian 15,2cm 433/1 howitzers instead of German 15cm sFh 18. The 433/1 had a longer range than the German gun. Ammunition supply for those guns was always scarce, so care should be taken when adjusting the "Supply" option field. Both Pz.Aufkl.Lehr-Abt. 130 and Pz.Pio.-Abt. 130 ha...


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