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Bying units in quick battle help

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I have now tryed for som time now in quick battles to only by platoons(like a panzer platoon whit 1 hq tank 5 normal tanks) if i use the "Suggestion" button it seams to have no problem bying em as platoons but i cant do it for som reason(or maby douing somthing wrong), it seams abit foolish for me evry time to by about 5-6 diffent battailons and then delete 90% of each of em so i thort there must be an easyer way, if eny one know a way plz let me know.

Ps: sry if this is not rigth place to post this.

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easy i mix my forces alot so som times i want lets say 1 panzer platoon, 1 stug platoon, 1 tiger platoon, 1 panzergrenadier platoon,1 heavy at gun platoon ect and sins the suggestion button cud go in and grap those platoons np i assumed there was a way to do it for players too but if not too bad, i think this new way whit bying battailons is a cool feature but i whis it was possibel to by stuff like the older CM1 games too(a sandbox mode or somthing).

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