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What type of rocket is in this RPG???


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This pic is from a Yahoo! News article about the Syrian government lashing out at Saudi Arabia for openly talking about arming the Free Syrian Army. It shows a highly mobile (chuckle) RPG team going down a street in what I believe to be Homs from the articles text. I have never seen this type of round in my studies thus far. Granted, I am no expert in the RPG, but the rounds I am most familiar with are the standard HEAT, Tandem HEAT, and the skinny little HE round. My guess is that this may be a thermobaric, or Novel round. Here is the pic so the more educated among us can identify it. Thanks in advance, I know you guys eat this stuff up, since I do when someone else posts.


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That is a Chinese-designed HE round. Its set on a short time fuse, the flange at the head is supposed to cause the round to skip & tumble then explode off the ground giving an airburst effect. Someone recently reported seeing an RPG round in Iraq bounce off a Bradley then explode. There's a fair chance it was this sort of skipping airburst round.

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Thanks a ton MikeyD!!! There is a solid chance I was the one talking about that. It's a story related to me by my best friend. I was playing some CMSF while he observed. After having a Bradley shrug off a hit, he told me this story.

Very interesting design. Wonder if it works as well in practice as it does when the specs are put out. Would be very discouraging to finally get a new RPG, shoot a round at an IFV, and have the thing ricochet and explode harmlessly. LoL, that guy was having a very rough day.

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