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Operation Sealon - When to do it

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I'm just playing my first game against the AI as the Axis and instead of invading Russia, decided to see what a Sealion strategy played out like.

I hid my Italian and German navies in port until France had fallen and I was ready to start. Battle Of France finished a little late and poor weather set in and I had to postpone until spring 41 so I could bring my airforce into play. Played a strong diplomatic card against Spain with all 3 Axis countries trying to push her in. Hoping to get Gibraltar out so I could unify Italian ships with German.

British navy was drawn out by the first few amphib transports and I jumped on every capital ship I could. Within 2-3 turns British navy was not active any more and I appeared to have obtained naval superiority. German tac air also not being challenged but range is a problem - I can reach London but no further with my planes.

London came close to falling early in the operation but held. Germans managed to get a hold of Bristol on the west coat but the port is not yet controlled. Focus has chnaged from trying to take London to trying to set up a front around Bristol, however Bristol is currently out of range of Brussels and my transports take 2 turns to reach England.

Fighting raged through all of 1941 but Russians declared war in summer and is having a slow offensive in the east. Currently am causing major problems for the British but have a feeling I will have to stop soon.


Very exciting, but I have a feeling I screwed up somewhere.

What do people think are the pre-requisites for a good operation Sealion?

Is it a must to start in 1940 or is spring 41 too late?

I went with Naval = 2 but my Long range Air is currently 0 and it's hurting, so I guess it's a must. My amphib warfare is currently 0, but I don't feel that 1 would have helped that much. Infantry Warfare is 2 but Armored is only 1 (Russia is already at 3, yikes)

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I dont think you can do it in 1941. Either you do it very early in 1940, or you get really adventurous and do it in 1942 if you have hammered the Russians enough in 1941 to allow yourself a breathing space with lots of long range tac air and lots of Uboats in support.

Personally though I wouldnt do it at all. It is a big risk. Perfect execution in 1940 to allow a full invasion of Russia in 1941 is the desirable path if you want to try it, but conquering the UK in 1940 is really tough.

The only thing I would say though is that in a pbem game it might be worth a go if your opponent sends his entire fleet into the Med to try and wipe out the Italian Navy and commits large amounts of ground strength to North Africa. Then, and only then, would I be tempted with an attack, but I would want a minimum of long range air 1.

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July 1942: After 12 months of slogging it out and numerous points where I decided I wouldn't throw any more units in, London has finally fallen. Axis has supply in UK in the southwest corner out of Bristol and von Rundstedt is in charge. Two tac bombers are providing support. UK almost entirely defended by Canadian troops.

Looks like this may actually work after all!

Russian attack in the east stalled completely at the border and I haven't lost any territory at all yet - even though they are at armor 4 and I'm still at 1. Gibraltar came close to falling on two consecutive turns early on but now has become solid and is unmovable.

I would love to see the economic situation for the UK in this game. After repairing damage, he probably has very little left over for new builds.

Question: London is a pre-requisite for minor Axis victory. If most players don't go for Sealion, does that mean that there are very few Axis victories in head to head games? I can't see a Russia first then England plan working.

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