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1939 HONCH Expanded Fall Weiss

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I am in the final stages of transferring 1939 HONCH Expanded Fall Weiss to the Global Gold engine. It should be up this weekend.

For those of you new to the MOD:

1. Corps and division based OOB. All armies are broken down into their requisite corps and division groups with Army Group Commanders.

2. Expanded naval OOB.

3. Germany can create the puppet states of Croatia, Ukraine and Egypt.

4. Italy can create the puppet state of Montenegro.

5. Additional Vichy nations of French Madagascar and French West Africa.

6. New Axis decisions to expand on Operation Weserubung: The invasion of Denmark and Norway, possible creation of the Ukraine as an Axis ally, expanded Iraqi coup options, Operation Atilla: The annexation of Vichy France, Foreign Waffen SS etc.

7. New Allied decisions to expand on W-Force intervention in Greece, Allied intervention at Narvik, Invasion of Persia, Free French, Free Polish and Free Greek units, Invasion of Madagascar and Attack on Dakar and Overthrow of Vichy Regimes.

8. The Allies can create the nations of Free France, Free Poland and Free Greece during the game.

9. Adjusted Production Queue to include ALL major naval units.

10. Adjusted research and combat unit costs for better balance.

11. Cavalry added to USSR, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Poland.

12. Many script adjustments to expand on existing events.

13. Many new events such as the Schleswig-Holstein, Surface Raiders, Shore Guns, Zionist Partisans, Arab Nationalist Army, Italian Frogmen, Glider Attack on Eben Emael, Refugees on Belgian Roads, German Paradrops in the Netherlands, British Poison Gas on Sealion Invaders, General Leclerc and the French from Equatorial Africa etc.

14. The map is the expanded Europe from WW1 with the addition of Slovakia as a separate nation, Venezuela and oil convoys to the USA, UK convoys to France, Finnish, Turkish and Romanian convoys to Germany, German convoys to Italy and British Empire convoys to the UK.

15. It also includes new cities, towns and historic points of interest such as Dakar, Khartoum, Soviet Far East, the D-Day beaches, Bastogne, Algeciras (Gibralter) and many more.

16. It includes a full AI.

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