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I'm new to shock force, and I'm currently playing through the base campaign. I was wondering if there were any free mods or scenarios that are of high quality and people feel a lot of love for :) thx

Welcome! :)

Do you have any of the modules? Many of the best user-made campaigns and scenarios require at least one of the expansions. That said, "In Search of a Ghost" is an excellent campaign that IIRC only requires the base game.

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Task Force Narwick is another one that I believe only requires the base game. It's a bit frustrating though, as it is designed to be a combined arms type of campaign, but the maps (at least for the first few missions) are way too small. In some of them it's just luck whether you take casualties in the first 30 seconds.

Once you get the modules things will really open up, I think there are well over 20 campaigns out there. I wish there was a sticky here with links to all of them, as combing through the repository searching for them is a royal pain. I thought I had most of them, but noticed 2 in FMB's sig that I was missing! More wood for the fire I suppose.

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