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Mortar team not doing anything?

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I have two HQ's on the second floor of a building, they each, from time to time, can see enemy machine gunners. But no matter who is seeing it, the mortar team, well within earshot/eyeshot says no direct line of fire, even though the HQ's can see the enemy and can talk to the mortar team. Am I missing something here? No matter where I put these teams my mortars will not fire (yes, they are deployed).

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You click on the arty button and get a window with a list of arty available. Text will tell you if the arty is unavailable for any reason.

Assuming it is available, you select it and go thru the series of parameter settings during which you should be asked whether you want to fire Point, Area or Linear. That's where you should be able to click on the map and and a line appears from the spotter to the target.

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Yeah, I'm there. So far they still do nothing. I as able to to click on the target, everything was confirmed. They still aren't firing. The spotter keeps looking through his binoculars though :)

Their icon, under the artillery window says receiving. How long should it take for them to receive before firing?

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