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  1. Hello, people! I'm new to the CMSF2 community. Is there a platform for CMSF2 players to meet for multiplayer games? If anyone want's to play, I'm on. I'm not very experienced and don't be mad at me, but I'll be able to play my turns mostly on weekends, cuz I work and have other stuff to do...
  2. Hi, everyone! Is there a way or a mod to be able to select multiple factions on quick battle? Like being able to select US and Syrian troops against Uncon and UK troops. Ty in advance.
  3. Sorry for late answer... Reinstalled the game and it is fixed now! Thanks everyone!
  4. Thank you for the answer. All .brz are there in the game directory, can't say if the game is using it right... I'll reinstall the game, probably tomorrow cuz it's already late here.
  5. Hello, guys! I just installed the Marines + British + NATO bundle and all text in my game is messy. For example, when I choose to quick battle, instead of faction it appears "Service" and in the dropdown list the faction names are "Stummel, Troop Recce, TRP, Bren L4, C15, G82 and Driver". When I select squads in game their names sometimes are "Shilka" and other weird names. Is this okay? It's just me not understanding any new text of the game after the bundle? Should I reinstall the game? Thx in advance! PS: Can't take screenshots of the game, the paste is just all black.
  6. I can only p-lay games on friday or weekend, thanks anyway guys! Thanks!
  7. I agree, the man is a hero. Thx Mr. @Schrullenhaft I'll be at Canada too from 16 of december to 15 of january. I was asking because buying physical copies lets me escape brazilian absurd taxes. But I agree, digital media is way better. Every dollar for us is 1 real multiplied by 3.5. If I compare with steam, Black Sea is way more expensive than Total War Warhammer on launch. But the CM series are a beautiful... been playing a lot now had no problems anymore, what a game...
  8. Hello, people! Is there any way to have unconventional and US army together on a mission? Like a joint operation with US special forces guiding Syrian rebels? Thanks in advance!
  9. Fixed! (At least no crashes for like 1 hr of play, neither for starting and quiting the game) Looks like this is a brazilian problem. The bank .exes I told you was the problem. I found a software called Warsaw from GAS Tecnologia. core.exe and gbpsv.exe was beign generated by this software and somehow crashing the game, probably because of the license. This is an old software from one of the brazilian bank apps. I uninstalled it, both .exe disappeared and the game stop crashing. If ou guys have more brazilian costumers experiencing this problem tell them to delete this software. We actually dont need these bank apps on PC anymore because we can use them on smartphone now, so its better to just delete them, they keep interfering in other programs. Thank you guys so much for your patience and attention!!! May I ask... I'll be at NY on 15 of january to 19, do you guys have physical copies on sotres over there?
  10. I just reinstalled it and tried starting the game, quiting and starting again. I could start it 5 times but on the 6th the game stopped starting again. It just gives a quick loading on the cursor and it does nothing. As I was writting this post I tried starting it again and it was succesful, I quitted tried again and no success. I keep giving attempts to start it and I can't predict when it will work, its random. Today is lauching more than expected at least. I played for 30 minutes and the game crashed, but now I could launch back after the crash. I launched once, quitted and couldnt launch anymore. Very weird bug. Even when crashing on launch, the game appears on processes tab. I'll try switch to intel hd graphics to see if the problem is the video card. The only possible thing that in my processes tab that could be interfering with the game is a brazilian bank app that runs two processes: gbpsv.exe (g buster browser defence) and core.exe, but I doubt that it is. Do you know how can I see in event viewer what is crashing the game? This is my processes tab: When I had CMN I had no problem ever, games are differente in any way?
  11. I disabled the office platform and still had ctd. Yes, I bought the patch. Ill uninstall the game and install the free battlefront 121 patch then and see if that is the problem. I dont believe that is the problem cause the game worked fine on my other pc. I have 200+ games on my pc, the only one glitching right now is cmsf. Thats whats keeping me from cleaning my pc from zero. By the way, my win 7 64 bit is original. Thanks!
  12. Tried on my dad's PC, runs perfectly, just install and play as long as I want no need for anything else. It is a Win 7 32 bit, intel core 2, 8 gb ram, NVIDIA Geforce GT 710, gigabyte motherboard. That doenst mean its solved, I need it to run on my PC.
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