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Found 2 results

  1. Im well into a big PBEM game in CMFB with my regular opponent (file 102), when I end the latest turn and the real time action starts to compute I get a CTD after the bar hits 70 percent or so. I have never experienced this before. The files are quite large, around 50 mb, but I could dropbox it if some tester would like to have a go with it. Really hope it can be resolved.
  2. Hello, everyone! I just bought the game and I'm having problems with crashing after 30 minutes of play. After the first crash the game becomes totally unstable and the crashes starts happening on startup, at the menu or after 5-10 minutes of play. If I restart the computer the cycle beings again. I installed the last driver for my AMD Radeon R7 265, the 17.40.1031-171102a-320048C-CrimsonReLive. Patched to the 1.32 version. Run as administrator. Nothing worked. This kind of crash smells like hardware acceleration for me... Anyway, I've been having so much trouble to play CMSF since the website, let me tell you a history in topics: - I made a international card just to buy the game (I'm from Brazil). - My IP is blocked in your website for no reason and I had no return from support. I used the free trial of a software called TRUST.ZONE to disguise my IP to access your website, buy the game and download it, now this is what I call love for your game! My IP was probably blocked because I forgot my password recently and did a lot of attempts to connect. - Now after all of that the game is broken... The game is great, the 30 minutes of play I have are the most tactical of any RTS/RTT I've played so far, help me, I want to buy the modules and other games but they don't work! The TRUST.ZONE trial already expired and I can't even buy other games from you... Could the crash be related to IP block? Thanks in advance guys. Att., Andre Calais Salles.
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