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  1. Ambush Scenario shots Ukrainian BTR approaching the town Assault squad crossing an alley overwatched by one BTR Death at the crossroad Ukrainian troops rushing over a bridge covered by BTR fire QRF BMP opens fire preparing the assault Ukrainian spearhead advance trhough the fields A BMP suppress enemy infantry while a truck flees And the final result; i've managed to save 3 out of 4 trucks after an extra 5 min time...then i decided to concede ceasefire thinking that the mission was accomplished, but i was wrong
  2. Some screens from the Gagarinina Avenue Checkpoint scenario Tank platoon moving to battle stations T-90A trying to spot enemies Fire! Close to the end of the battle, one of mine T-90 finally spots (trough smoke) and eliminate that pesky Bulat that was ruining my day Then i was able to close on objectives and win the battle, despite losing 2 tanks 1 apc and some troops
  3. Some shots from the US campaign, mission Poking the Bear Stryker MGS ambushes a T-90 TOW about to strike another T-90 Bradley killing zone
  4. hi i've uploaded the screenshot on imgur and modified it with the editor embedded
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