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  1. Spoiler Alert (if by this time it's realistic to think there are tons of folks who haven't played this campaign yet): During the Rushing Stavelot scenario (triggered when one occupies both Lodomez and Richard in the previous battle... aka "The Speed Option"), two different convoys of American trucks, armored cars, and jeeps appear on different roads leading into the town. I've unpacked this scenario (I believe version "C") and loaded it into the editor to see the details. From there, I learned that these two convoys have exit zones to the North and Northwest, but as I
  2. There was a post I came across a while ago that explained how to re-pack an edited scenario (unpacked from a campaign) back into the original campaign. I believe it said something about the need to first create a core units file within the editor and then open the unpacked scenario one wishes to modify, "load" in (apologies if that isn't the right term) the core units, and then... I can't remember! Wondering if someone might direct me to that post and I'll take it from there! Thanks!
  3. Putting aside the "I cannot cross the bridge at Heumen" conundrum, I found the tactics posted here to be very helpful for at least arriving at the bridge intact... I went with the default setup. Split the left flank's squads down into M1919A6 teams and stuck them in the hedgerow and started firing at the bunker (not a hint of suppression. Left spotter laid down the initial three rounds of 81mm smoke 150 yards or so from the bunker mid-way between the two starting farms/buildings and got a good, lucky linear pattern that overlapped one another at an angle just enough to keep the advancing secti
  4. Still no news on this? I am also patched up to 3.12 and, although I've struggled to reach the bridge after knocking out the bunker and AT gun, suppressing the MGs, and blowing a nice gap (two chunks of contiguous wire) in the wire in front of the bridge, I still cannot execute a successful order to move across the bridge. I downloaded Mad Mike's extraction tool and dug into the scenario to see if I could see anything glaring in the map, but I'm absolutely not a scenario designer (never have; never will; no time), but I couldn't see anything untoward that would explain why my troops won't cross
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