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  1. damn i wish i listened to this. i deleted them all in a rage back to the very begining. I had walked my anti tank crew completely around a btr-70 that was gaurding the approach to the first beach, and came up on its blindside. I tried for four turns to get them to fire, they would just hit the deck as soon as they saw it. They had a clear shot at its rear armor with an rpg for over 5 minutes, eventually it turned around and smoked them in one burst. also my mortars were dry. I feel like i play this way to much like real life and im way to cautious.
  2. okay thanks! that helps. i noticed it said occupy. i think i need to start over though since im down to 36 minutes with 2 objectives left on both sides
  3. I am on the 2nd mission of crossing the dniper, im doing fine on the right although a litle slow. on the left at obj "quarry" i cannot capture it. I dont know whats wrong, ive cleared out every single enemy, ive gone house to house, checked every peice of ground and there simply no one left here. yet it still wont give me the objective. what am i missing here? times running out im down to 40 mins
  4. thanks, thats exactly what i was wondering. im on part 2 right now and almost done, so it will be fun to atcually cross the dniper
  5. Sorry i looked everywhere to try to find an answer. Im playing Crossing the Dnieper and i noticed it said when something dies it stays dead for the remainder of the campaign. If a 6 man squad loses 2 men does it start the next missions as a 4 man squad?
  6. ive noticed this too, and its so anticlimatic if you get the perfect hit. If you could somehow add the arty effects from Wargame: European Escalation that would be awesome. EE had some of the best arty effects of any game ive seen, with it getting worse as the series progressed. The sound too was great. I know this isnt how modding works, but if you needed something to model after you could do much worse than EE
  7. Im new to combat missions,all i played was the shockforce demo before i got black sea. The campaign i have played so far i think is awesome! Granted i am only on the third mission of the american campaign, but its take me about 4-5 hours to compete each single mission. I have had to vary my tactics wildy to fit the mission, and poking the bear is just awesome i think. All the single scenarios ive played so far ( ive only played 5 and beat 3) are really cool. This is probably my favortite strategy game atm. I might be missing something becuase, like i said, i never played the older title, but i
  8. well, it seems really slow on poking the bear, if i shut it down and try again its just as slow. I deleted a bunch of old saves so i guess it wasnt that. I just thought of something litreally as i am typing this, doesnt chrome use qutie a bit of ram? like 20-40% sometime? I just realized i usaully chrome open while im playing. Im at work right now but i will try running without chrome tonight and see if that helps.
  9. im starting to think it might be the amount of saves i have that makes it laggy. after doing poorly on poking the bear 3 times, i decided to save every third turn. normailly i dont like to save so much since dealing with the consqeunces of my actions is half the fun of strategy games for me, and probably the quickest teacher, but ill be damn if ill play a 5 hour scenario a fourth and fith time. so as the saves started to build it seemed my game got laggier, is there anything to this theroy? also remeber the later on in the scenario more and more units are on the field, so it could be that, but
  10. that is exactly my plan, we have a database management meeting today, im bringing the poking the bear map on a clip board. Thanks for the help
  11. Whenever I load or save a game my screen goes grey and the windows pop up comes up saying it's frozen, if I just wait it'll keep going. Also this game ran great when I got it now it is quite leggy at times
  12. I'm at work a lot and I have quite of bit of downtime sometimes. I would love to be able to look over the map and maybe plan out a strategy in paint or photoshop. Right now I'm on poking the bear, and a file of the map would be great.
  13. That's good to know, I'm still plugging ahead without a Bradley on the right. So when you see those missles streaking up those are tungguska's not those infrared pieces (the name slips my mind right now I believe it has a 300 in the title)?
  14. this mission has me stuck as well. My problem is my helo's and drones seem to get shot down quite a bit, even though i took out 3 tunguska's, and a few of the infrared aa. The t-90's i spot and send a helo, tend to scoot pretty fast out of the helo's area of fire. Also when i head to the left to establish an op sometimes i will get sniped by a t-90, i can stand to lose a humvee but when its my colt or my bradley its a huge loss.
  15. so seeing and not being seen is difficult? I should hide infantry behind trees?
  16. Thanks, thats great! I cant belive i didnt think of that.
  17. Thank you for your answers! That's very helpful. And your pretty close, I have about 400 hours in red dragon, over a thousand if you count all wargame titles. But for the last 4-5 months I've been playing flashpoint campaigns
  18. This is my first combat mission game, so far I love it! I feel like this is the only game ill play from now on. I’ve done august morning as well as the first two US campaign missions and I’m stuck on the third one. My questions are: Are there antiradar missiles, i.e. can aircraft (or the ka-52 which i believe can carry the kh-25) conduct SEAD? Are all available weapons listed in the manual or is that a sample? If I call in an airstrike do i need sight on all targets or will the aircraft spot its own targets? I thought it provided its own optics but in the third mission my apaches cant hi
  19. im brand new to combat mission, so i dont know if anyone asked this yet, or if it is not reasonable. But i would love to see one of the coolest vechicles ever designed the BMPT and the BMPT2 in the game. Also its a little out of scale but why not have the s300 and the patriot? are they theater level? because having one of those on the map it would become critical to knock it out
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